Cased hole logging

Cased Hole wireline services assist to develop better completion and production processes in the operations; the services line counts perforating, cement evaluation logging, production logging, casing and tubing inspection, Pulse Neutron Logging for reservoir monitoring, perforating, Plug & Packers setting services and pipe recovery to comprehensive the list of support for the most challenging customers.

  • Production logging
  • Reservoir monitoring
  • Well integrity
  • Mechanical services
  • Orientation services

Open hole logging (O.H.L)

Open hole logging provides a continuous record vs. depth of many formation properties. Wireline logs record formation electrical resistivity, natural and induced radioactivity, bulk density, and hydrogen content. Measurements obtained are interpreted to give a continuous record versus depth for formation properties such as porosity, water saturation, and rock type.

  • Formation resistivity
  • Formation evaluation
  • Formation imaging
  • Formation testing
  • Other O.H.L

Wireline perforation

  • Cased perforation
  • Through tubing perforation
  • Pire recovery
  • Other perforation

Silkline services

ALPETROS BROS Slickline Services offer a wide range of technology for lowering equipment or measuring devices into wells using : Slickline, E-Line, Mechanical Wireline, Memory Logging, Fishing, Perforation or Cleaning Services, to enable well intervention and reservoir


ALPETROS Testing Services will provide a variety of testing arrangements, from smaller bleed packages to complete well test kits, including solids control and mercury removal treatment.

By appointing experienced test staff with extensive field knowledge

Surface testing

Downhole testing

Lab services


One of the primary functions of an oil and gas wellhead is to provide a pressure seal or breakpoint between the casing/casing and surface piping/fittings, among other things.
The different types of valves and actuators in the Christmas tree must be in the best working order to ensure that they operate smoothly and seamlessly for efficient productivity.
Reliability and ease of maintenance are therefore essential properties of any wellhead.
ALPETROS metamorphosed during the year into a leader in wellhead installation, maintenance and services, thus carving out a niche for itself.
ALPETROS has a state-of-the-art wellhead test bay that conforms to international standards and specifications for training, repair and maintenance purposes.
ALPETROS, in partnership with an original equipment representative (O.E.M), supplies and installs different types of wellheads, according to customer specifications, for long-term and trouble-free production.

Wellhead maintenance

Pumping services

Vacuum services


A partnership agreement has been signed between ALPETROS and ALMANSOORI Abu Dhabi Group, a pioneer in the field of petroleum services in the Middle East, for training and exchanging experiences between us.

Data services

Consulting services


SWASTISHRI Engineering Solutions (SES) was established in December 2015 and provides its services Oil, gas and chemical design and consulting services Petrochemicals, agro-foods, liquefied natural gas, nuclear energy, food and pharmaceuticals. The partnership between ALPETROS and SES was established to meet the needs of the oil and gas fields With over two decades of experience handling management and successful implementation For multidisciplinary projects around the world. Supported by an active team of Highly experienced professionals in design, procurement and construction Management, Manufacturing, Quality Management and Business Development.

The SES team consists of a well-disciplined, skilled and experienced workforce that focus on On professionalism and commitment. It has created value for its customers in the domestic and overseas markets by providing it to the world Multilayer engineering services.

ALPETROS Engineering provides specialist in oil and gas engineering support and consultancy to global construction companies, operators, EPCs (specialist engineering and detailed design) and assists the procurement and management team. We provide mechanical and civil engineering services.

SWASTISHRI’s engineering research team is always looking for innovations to improve its capabilities, know-how and what projects to improve and keep abreast of technology. We ensure that the expectations of our customers are met worldwide in the design, advice and assistance in the construction of oil and gas plants.

  •  be the preferred Engineering Solution provider for our distinguished clients across Globe and executing Engineering Projects in the diversified sectors.
  • To be recognized as a brand name in the Global Engineering sector with   a   customer           centric approach        and       high commitment to Quality, Schedule and Project Cost.
  • To be recognized Globally as a premier Indian brand in the Engineering Consulting Business delivering a customer-centric, environment sensitive and ethical engineering solutions, utilizing our core competencies and continually strive to attain technological advancement.

Design & Detailing

Static Equipment

Plant Engineering

Civil & Structural