About the company

The company ALPETROS, specializing in petroleum services, is the fruit of the efforts and experiences of the Zergoune brothers group over the years for more than 40 years in the oil & gaz fields, and on this basis the creation of a new company which is a limited liability company specializing in petroleum services, was created in the group of the Zergoune brothers (the incubator company) with all its branches and supports them with all the material and moral capacities in order to meet the needs and requirements companies in the energy sector.
ALPETROS is a company under Algerian rights, and it has a formidable balance of skills and national frameworks with the scientific and professional experience acquired in the field of petroleum over the years before it was employed by us to be the real one training and apprenticeship school the capacities of young people and graduates of the Algerian University.
In addition, ALPETROS own a special program in the pursuit of environmental and protection policy based on the spirit of cooperation among workers under the foundations of the QHSE system and depends on the quality, assurance and proper functioning of the organization.
The company has a base of life in the business area of Hassi Messaoud, which occupies an area of 12,000 square meters, consisting of a maintenance workshop equipped with all the necessary supplies, stores, offices, rooms and a barn to be a link and a supply base between the various workshops across the oil fields.
On the other hand, in the field of supply and equipment, ALPETROS has mobilized a high-level team to ensure the process of acquiring the latest technologies on the world market in terms of quality and performance with classified specifications. and accompanied by internationally recognized guarantee certificates in the field of petroleum.

Zergoune Noureddine C.E.O Alpetros Bros